CNC Router SIE-6090 Engraving and Cutting Machine

Model SIE-6090
XY working area 600*900*300mm
Work-holding Aluminum table with T slot with vacuum pump
Command G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
reposition accuracy ±0.05mm
software Ncstudio
Power(exclude the spindle) 3000W
Power 220v-single phase
Spindle power Air cooled 2.2kw spindle
Spindle Cooling Mode Air cooling
Main axle rotating speed 0-24000rpm
Inverter Fulinn
Motor Stepper motor
Transmission Ball screw transmission
Guide rail Square guide rail
Machine size 1140*1400*1540mm
Packing size 1290*1550*1750mm
N.W 400kg
G.W 600kg

foam cnc router


1.   Water-proof plastic film package with foam protection

2.   Solid Seaworthy Wood Box Package with Steel beam

3.   Save space as much as possible for container loading

foam cnc router

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